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Hail Sycamore Spartans!

We are thrilled to welcome you to The Sycamore High School Alumni Association. We hope the association will help you sustain friendships and memories of high school friends, clubs, teachers, proms, pep rallies, athletics, and dances. Our memories of those times and people are what continues to make SHS a place of pride to its students, teachers, administrators and community. A few of our goals areā€¦

Create a database that helps graduates stay in touch
Profile a Spartan
Spotlight Distinguished Alumni
Facilitate SHS class reunion efforts
Alumni newsletter
Create a legacy through bricks

We would love to have you join us. Please share your contact information HERE.

With Spartan Pride,
Maria Boynton ('88), Tim Carlson (Current Principal of Sycamore High School), Dan Curzon ('87), Lauranna Gones ('75), Chad Jewett ('98), Gary Scott ('61), and Kris Wrenn ('82)

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Spartan Profile
Ben Doty
City you live in: Sycamore

Year Graduated: 2001

Current Job: English Teacher at SHS

Favorite high school memory:
Once I knew I wanted to be an English
teacher, I took every English elective that
SHS had to offer.  My senior year consisted
of Creative Writing with Mr. Majerus, Drama
with Mr. Popp, Film as Literature with
Mr. Shanahan, and some class about TV. 
It was awesome.

Favorite high school teacher: Rich Majerus 
class of 63

Row 1 (left to right): Maxine Maness(Scott), Jane McGaughey(Lamont), Carole Hindenburg(Boies), Tom Carls, Karen Roberts(Burdine), Connie Floit(Shafner), Linda Werthwein

Row 2 (left to right): Lorna Lindsay (Birt), Jayne Jones(Stock), Roberta Bordner(Romine), Carol Weisbroack(Kimmel), Fuz Mathey, Helen Fenwick(Hutton)

Row 3 (left to right): Ed Sheley, Rick Phipps, Becky Rousch(Weaver), Lynn Siebrasse(Dander), Ed Mowry Bonnie Wolfenberger(Cain), Marcia Wenger(Palmer)

Row 4 (left to right): Gary Mullis, Ron Olson, Jim Tucker, Dick Larson, Jeri Vaughan (Stewart), Kathy Tessier(Caulfield), Bill Murray, Chuck Gauthcher, Barbara Haines(Sorrel)

Row5 (left to right): Jim Dutton, Mike Brennan

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